So, Abby and me been busy, see.  We like exploring things like cabinets that are usually locked and stuff. We usually get into trouble, but sometimes Grandmom puts in a word for us and we can get busy findin' out about things.  Grandmom is a good sport; she lets Abby and me explore a lot.
There's always lots of stuff to explore around.  You just got to know where to look.  For instance, did you know I just fit into the bottom of the oven?  Or how about my great four wheeler that actually runs by itself? It's definitely one of my favs!  And did you know I can fill my Daddy's shoes; well at least I can walk in them!

It's like something new every day! 


Man, I need some of these.  Do I look cool or what?!?

Well, any dull old thing like buying groceries can usually be funned-up with some silly faces or a judiciously used "Whass sat?" when someone walks by.  That way I get "cooed" at and told what a good looking young man I am on a regular basis!


Lately, we been doing something really fun!  We been going to the mall and playing on the indoor playground.  It's so hot here in Phoenix, most of us kids don't spend a lot of time just outside - so all the malls have these indoor playgrounds!  And my back yard is so small, when you don't want to swim or the water's too cold, there's really no room to play. So, me and Grandpop, we go to the malls.  They got stuff to climb on and stuff to slide down and cars to drive and castles to explore!  It just depends on which mall you get to.

So, I usually find a friend or maybe just pretend by myself and play on the slides and stuff.  Anyway, this is what me and Grandpop do alot.  Since it's in the mall, we have lunch and sometimes ice cream and sometimes we take a look at the puppies.  We have a good day when we go to the mall!





Hey, guess what!!!!  It's that "Halloween" thing again.  Mom got me this cute outfit, only she called it a "costume".  It's Winnie th' Pooh, 'cause, like I told you before, sometimes my Dad calls me Pooh bear!

Then Mom and Grandmom took me outside and let me walk around and people gave me goodies!  I got to eat lots of goodies for awhile after that. 

Man what a deal! I wish Halloween happened more often!


And after that, man, it was Christmas again!  The big tree went up and things started showing up in big brightly wrapped packages!


So, when Abby said "It's time!" and started tearing into the presents, I was right behind her, getting into everything that looked good!
Man, I'm telling you!  I got soooooo much good stuff! I got blocks and a sit-n-spin and a bouncy zebra that lights up when you ride!  I got a brand new set of wheels - a trike!  I got a broom and mop - 'cause I like pretending to clean up.  (Notice I said pretending.)  Christmas has got to be the best time of year!

Abby got chew toys and a new ball and a bunch of other stuff.  She liked it all, but man, I think my stuff''s better! 

Mom and Dad got "Mom and Dad" stuff and Grandpop was excited about something called a "toaster oven".  Whatever!  I still say my stuff was better!


I don't want you guys thinking it's all about me and my stuff.  I really know better than that.  I just know I get all excited and get new stuff to play with and sometimes people think I forget.  But I know I'm a lucky kid.  I got parents and grandparents and aunts and uncles and cousins by the dozens who all love me and think I'm the cutest thing ever!  But not everybody is so lucky and this is the time of year to remember those kids.  So, Mom and Grandmom always get an "Angel" from one of the trees at the mall and make sure some other kids know they are special, too. 


from Abby and Andy