Text Box: Hello, everybody. 



Well, it's been awhile since Christmas and I've been busy growing and getting really good at this walking stuff.  Man, I had no idea that I could get around so fast!

So, Mommy called this day Easter and we had these really fun little round thing she called eggs.  I could pop them open but nothing was inside.  Bummer, huh?  But they fit really good in my pockets and stuff, so I guess they were OK!



Look, Mommy, I found another one! Man, I'm running out of pockets, what am I gonna do with all these egg thingies?


Wow, I found a lot of these eggs things!  What did you say Mommy?  Put them where? 
 But I'd rather put them in my pockets, OK? 


Yep, this Easter thing was pretty good, even though I had a hard time with the concept of "basket".

I think next year I might like Easter more, but playing in the grass is sure fun!



So, next thing you know, we packed a whole bunch of my stuff and did something called "vacation".  Wow! We went somewhere called San Diego and then to a "zoo"!  Look close at the lady here.  If you watch Jay Leno, you've probably seen her. Don't ask me what a Jay Leno is, 'cause I don't stay up that late!
We also went to Sea World and watched some neat animals in a bunch of water; that was fun, too.


And then - ta-da! - it was my birthday.  Yep, the big 0-1! This is my cake; it had Pooh and Tigger on it.  My daddy calls me "Pooh bear" sometimes! 

Guess who came to the party?   My grandmother from Texas came.  She bought me lots of stuff, too.  Man, Christmas again!



This little cake was all mine, though.  See, it has Pooh on it, too


I knew it - I knew that chocolate was good.  No, make that great!  Best thing yet for my birthday!


Hey, Abby!  Did you know about chocolate?  What?  Not supposed to have chocolate? Well, too, bad! More for me!

Look what a great mess it makes!



Oh, man!  All gone!  Wow!  What a good time.  Yummy chocolate and a fantastic mess! This birthday stuff is top notch!

OK, clean me up and lets explore all that stuff in the corner over there!



This is just some of the stuff I got - I'm tellin' ya', Christmas all over again!  Got two of these lawnmower thingies -they make a great sound!  Just like daddy's lawnmower


Beep! Beep!  Look out world; here I come!  Thanks Grandmom Phyllis for my great four wheeler!

Man this birthday stuff really tops just about everything else that's happened this last year!

I been growing and learning and stuff for I whole year.  Gosh are all the years gonna be this fast? 

I can hardly wait for all the next year to go by.  I'm definitely into this growing stuff!