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Daniel James  born March 31, 2008 at 10:50 am and weighing in at 9lbs 4oz and  21 in tall.
Hey, wait a minute!  What is this?  Who authorized this?  No one told ME this was supposed to be birth day!  I didn't agree to this.  PUT ME BACK!

What's going on here?  What is all this stuff going on.  I told you I didn't authorize any of this!  Where's my mommy?  Did she tell you this was OK?  'Cause we really gotta talk about this! 

Somebody put me back!  Where's my nice warm, soft place where the lights don't shine in a guys eyes? 


You can't blame a kid for trying!

OK, this is getting better.  I'm glad somebody finally turned off all those lights!  I'm getting warmer now.  And somebody found my mommy for me.  Apparently, this was all planned without my knowledge!  What's a kid gonna do?  Yesterday they didn't even have a name picked out and today it's out into the big ol' mean world kiddo!
Jeez, I got a big brother.  He looks like trouble to me. 

But my dad seems OK and my Grandpop is a big ol' softy.  I think we make quite a handsome foursome, what do you think?  Maybe I'm being a little hasty, wanting back in.  Maybe this might be kind of interesting after all!


What do you think?  Pretty handsome, huh!

Yea, yea I know.  I got this dishwater blonde hair thing going on.  Everyone seems surprised.  And I know, I don't look anything like my brother Andy did.  Give a guy a break, here.  I checked; my mom didn't want another Andy!  She's just fine with my handsome little face and my blonde hair!  

And for your information - I look just like Daniel! 


Here we go!  Going home!  First car ride and everything is great so far!  I keep expecting the worst.  In my short experience, that's usually what happens!

Here's that big brother thing again.  I guess I'm OK with that.  He seems to like me a lot. So, this is what an Andy looks like. 

I dunno, I still think this could be trouble!

Oh, jeez, now what is this?  What's an Abby.  She smells funny.

Hey, I remember you, you make lots of noise.  I been wondering about you!  Huh, so that's an Abby!

You know, a fella could get used to having all these gadgets around.  This one, man, it plays music and little things go round and round; it's got a mirror so I can make funny faces at myself, but best of all - it jiggles.  Yep, a little nosh and a good burp then down in the red chair for a good massage.  I could definitely get used to this!
I think I'm gonna like this after all.  Nobody bothers me while I nap.  Mom's here when I need her.  A guy doesn't even have to make much fuss to get fed.  Yup, I'm definitely staying.  And you can take that to the bank!