Hello, everybody.  It's me again; Daniel.  Just checking in to let you see how much I've grown!  Look at my hair - it's getting red.  But, me, I don't have a temper to match that red hair.  I'm just a happy, happy baby.  Just don't miss my mealtime or keep me in a wet didy too long, 'cause I don't like late meals and wet pants.  Well, do you?
Me and my brother, we get along just fine. I know for sure he's gonna be trouble, how can he help it?  He can't go five minutes without being in trouble for something!  But right now, man, he is the coolest!
Yea, Andy and me, we're heading for best buddies.  How can you resist a big brother that knows that much about getting in trouble?
Anyway, I got some good stuff to play with, too.  There's this thing with all these thingies hanging down where I can grab them.  I usually scoot all over the blanket so I can get to all the hanging thingies; gotta play with all of them!
I like this swingie thing, too.  I overheard my Grandmom and my Mom say that Andy didn't like this swing, but me; I really like to sit and swing and listen to the pretty music and nap and swing and listen to the pretty music and nap and swing - well you get the idea!
So, you know, sometimes a fellow's just gotta sit and have a little TV time!  I'm getting almost big enough to sit up by myself, now.  Mom says I'm a chunk, whatever that is. 

Yep, just lay back and watch the tube and gnaw on the fingers - I'll get fed pretty soon!  Yum.  I don't miss any meals and you can take that to the bank!


Here's that thing with all the hanging down thingies again.  I can grab things with my hands or my toes now!  See Abby? She watches me play a lot.  Sometimes she kisses me, too.  She sure has slobbery kisses; they make me giggle.  I think Abby is gonna be fun to play with when I get older.
See, my older brother, Andy; he has this thing about caps!  He must have a hunerd of them.  When he's being really nice and plays with me, sometimes he lets me wear one of his caps.  This one is one of Andy's favorites - it says "John Deere".  I got no idea what is a "John Deere" but it's cool my brother lets me wear his favorite cap.  That's what Andy is - he's my cool older brother!
Me and Grandpop, we got this kind of connection.  He always knows how to rock the chair just right so I can go to sleep!  I could sleep on Grandpop, just like this, all night!  Yep, me and Grandpop, we do fine!

I guess you can see how much I'm growing.  I'm five months old now and I'm ready to get going.  I'm gonna break into this solid food thing pretty soon, I been watching my Mom and Dad eat a lot and it sure looks good!  I'm gonna be sitting up all by myself soon and then look out - I'm going places! 

Me and Andy, we are gonna be hard to stop!  We go to the mall to play and all kinds of things now, but you just wait; things are getting more and more fun every day.

Well, I guess that's all for now.  You just wait till next time you see me!  I'm getting big!