Hello Everybody!


Well, summer's over and I been busy.  Sort of.  Busy growing and learning, and doing new things.  After all, I'm nearly grown! I'm one whole year old and counting!

School's started again so that means Mommy's gone back to work and Grandpop stays days with me again.  Yea, me and Grandpop and Abby, we have lots of fun together!


Abby and me spent a lot of time in the pool this summer!  Abby likes to swim with Daddy.  Me too! I like swimming with Mommy, too, though.  And rubber ducky likes the pool, and Grandmom likes the pool.  But, me and Abby, you know, we spend a lot of time in the pool.


But we did some other stuff this summer, too! We went to some malls and just hung out, you know.  And we did a couple of "Day Trips". Don't ask me if I know what that means, 'cause I do!  It means my bottom gets numb from sitting in my car seat for so long!  But I guess it's worth it!

We went to Payson one day and saw the Tonto Natural Bridge.  Too bad the pictures didn't turn out too good, but we got a couple of good ones!  It was really neat - Grandmom said it didn't look real. She said it looked like a Disney movie set!  I guess I'll figure out what that is "later" just like all the other stuff Grandmom says.


So, below are some of the pictures from our Labor Day Trip!  We saw the biggest hole in the ground I ever saw!  All I can say is "WOW"

There were these animals that crossed the road in front of us and then stopped so I could get a good look at them - Grandpop called them "Deer".  All I know is they were lots bigger than Abby.

Grandmom had this thing about this old building; she had to get out and take pictures.  I guess it's a neat building - it's called the El Tovar Inn and it's one of the first buildings built here at Grand Canyon.
So, that was our trip to Grand Canyon.  I know lots of words now, but still the only one that fits this place is: