So, Abby and me are just hanging out most days, you know, playing and growing and stuff.  The wagon is from Andrea; sometimes she babysits.  I like Andrea!  I can hardly wait 'til I'm old enough for Abby to pull me in the wagon!
Then one day, I was minding my own business and the next thing I know, someone is saying "haircut!"  What's a haircut?  Should I be worried?
Here comes my Aunt Suzie with these sharp looking things.  My Grandmom is holding me still.  Man, it's hard to see what they are doing!
It was really hard to see what they were doing to me.  I turn my head one way and Aunt Suzie would slip around to the other side.  So, I'd turn that way and Aunt Suzie would go around to the other side!  Aunt Suzie sure is fast!

Mom keeps laughing; she's taking the pictures.  But  I really want to see! This haircut thing is tough to figure out!

OK! Look at me!  I'm really handsome with this new haircut thing.  I look sooooo much older now!  This haircut thing makes me look at least 6 months old! (I'm really only 16 weeks!)

The chicks at the mall are gonna flip when they see me now!  Stroller brigade - Here comes ANDY!

Man, that wore me out!  Trying to keep up with Aunt Suzie is tough. 

Doesn't everyone take a nap after getting a haircut?  That's what Mom told me!