Check this out!  It appeared in the living room just after Thanksgiving.  I knew something was going on; I just didn't know what!  Pretty, isn't it?  It's called a Christmas Tree.  This is my first Christmas!

So, one morning early, me and mom and dad and Abby came down the stairs and there was all this stuff under the tree.  It was all bright and pretty and everybody was excited.  Especially Abby.  I think she's done this before 'cause she knew just what to do.  You can't see her in this picture because she's behind the tree thing, rooting around checking out all the packages!  Just look at all this STUFF!
Next thing I know, Abby brings me a package and she's started ripping the paper, then she just drops it in my lap and goes off again.  Before you could say "what's up" here she is back with a package of her own.  Abby and me opened our first Christmas gifts together.  Abby always takes care of me - she showed me just what to do!
Man, I got lots of new stuff.  I just kept opening up packages.  Abby only got a few things and she got busy playing with her stuff right away. But, man, I got lots of stuff!  Took me awhile to get into everything!
I just kept getting more and more stuff!  Wow! No more getting bored with the old toys now! This little puppy looking thing was interesting!  Abby could make him sing, but she had to show me how to do it!  There's lots of stuff here I'm gonna have to learn how to work!
Wait, daddy!  What have you got? I need you to help me get this car thing going!  Show me again how it works, please! Just when I think it's all over; here comes some more stuff.  You can't really see, but this is a pair of house shoes.  They look like cars.  Neat!
Look at this thing!  It looks like a car, too, only this picture isn't very good!  One way I can sit on it and move it around.  The other way it helps me walk!  Wow, double duty! What else are they gonna think of!
This is one of my favorites!  After all, a little buckaroo's got to have a trusty sidekick horsie!  And since Abby won't let me ride her, this little horsie will work just fine! I named him Bubbles (or something close in baby babble).  We like to go rockin' and rollin' and Bubbles sings to me.  I usually sing to him, too.  I like to sing.
So, finally, every package had been opened and all the pretty paper scraps had been put in a garbage bag; all the ribbons and boxes were picked up and put away.  Abby made one last exploratory pass under the tree and didn't find any leftovers.  We all moved into the den and I got started learning all about my new toys.

What a day.  I just didn't know what to think about all these new toys. 

Happy Hanukah and Merry Christmas everybody! I hope you enjoyed watching me on my first Christmas.  Thanks to everyone who contributed to all the goodies Abby and me got today.

I know my Mom and Grandmom made sure someone else had a Happy Christmas besides me.  They picked a couple of "Angels" from a tree and helped with their Christmas.

I learned that Christmas is the time to give.  And don't forget to spread your happiness and good fortune around to others!

Love to everybody - Andy