So, here's me and my grandpop!  We're best friends!  This is the way it goes;  I think it up and grandpop helps me do it!  We're always in trouble!   We have contraband popsickles and forbidden soft drinks together.  And about once a week, we make it to the mall to check out the stroller brigade.  I think grandpop likes to show me off, but you know what?  I like showin' off my grandpop - he's the BEST!


(The bib says: "Feed Me and no one gets hurt") 

I'm eatin' solid foods now.  Everything tastes pretty good so far.  The applesauce and bananas are my favs so far.  The cereal and veggies are OK, you know, but fruit rocks


                I think they call this day Halloween.

 I got my picture taken.  They were really cute; at least Mom and Grandmom said so.  But then, after it got dark, Mom pulls out all this candy stuff.  And we went outside and kids all dressed up came and Mom gave them candy and I wanted candy!  Mom says I'm still too little.  But I'm growin' really fast!  Anyway, candy or not, I had a great time playing with my Daddy and staying up way past my bedtime and watching the neighborhood kids take all that candy!  How often is Halloween?  


So, we went to Aunt Suzie's house, this day was called, mmmmmmmm, Thanksgiving, I think.  The grownups all ate lots of food.  I got to watch.  This watchin' other people eat is getting old.  I'm thinkin' about breaking into the "real food" stuff really soon, now.

We had lots of fun at Aunt Suzie's - I got to play with my cousins, the twins.  They are way older than me.  But they still got down in the floor and played with me.  We had a good time.

Happy Thanksgiving Everybody!  I'm thankful that I got such a great Mom and Dad.  And Abby.  And Grandpop and Grandmom.  And everybody else in my family, too!  And the stroller brigade at the mall;  and Mom and Dad's friends that come over and play with me.  I guess the term "Happy Baby" was just made for me!
Mostly, the days are filled with fun stuff like playing with this thing.  It's got something to do no matter where I go.  You know what I like best, though?  Bouncing!  I love to bounce!  I'm truely a "Bouncing Baby Boy"!  I bounce when I get excited - I bounce when I'm bored - I just bounce to be bouncing! 
                          And, I'm goin' places, too.  I started out just rolling around on the floor.  But then I discovered I could move faster if I got up on my knees and crawl around.  Also, it's easier to see where I'm going.  When I roll, I gotta stop and fix my direction, when I crawl, I just head straight for it!  Watch out world - here I come!                                          
Guess what! I got TOOFIES!  Check it out!  Take a close look at my mouth; on the bottom - two new toofies!  Man, there is no stopping me now - real food here I come!
It's a conspiracy!  They all want my hair cut - everyone but me!  Anyway,  here's Aunt Suzie.  I guess she can't help it.  She's a master hairdresser (whatever that means).  But she just distracted me and the next thing I know - second haircut accomplished.  I'm only  6 1/2 months old!  Have a heart people!
Well, I'm really mobile now, crawling all over the place - getting into things and making people really jump and run!  It's lots of fun.   But lately I have discovered that there is something more!  My daddy helps me practice.  I can pull myself up and stand up and with only a little help, I can take some steps!  Notice Abby is still helping.  She follows me everywhere!  You know, she's always in trouble, but when I try to talk her into some fun; she goes and gets Mom.  What a spoilsport!