So, I get home from the hospital and first thing I know, there's this person, who doesn't look much like a person, staring into my crib!

Ok, so daddy introduced me to Abby. Or, introduced Abby to me.  Funny looking person is all I got to say!

Boy, I didn't know what to think, especially since everyone kept asking "What do you think Abby will do?"  But Abby has become my best protector; you'll see what I mean later!

Clearly there is more to this life thing than I first thought!  I'm gonna have to do some serious rethinking on this!
And thinking is hard work, so I'm gonna have to sleep on the subject.  Something happens when I sleep, though.  I grow!
Of course, sleeping is something daddy and I do very well together!
Remember that thing we got at my shower that was supposed to be as good as a car ride?  Not so! Nothing beats a car ride - I just knew it!  But it is pretty interesting.  Anyway, I like sitting in it looking in the mirror at the baby and listening to the great music!
This is my favorite toy right now!  I can lay down on my back and kick this yellow duck and then all these lights flash and the music plays and everything!  Boy, do I love kicking and waving my arms!  I'm never still!

Abby loves it when we play with this thing, too.  She loves the moving lights!  Sometimes she even helps me to make them start flashing!

Then, this thing shows up and Mom thinks I should like it.  Not me!  Too much like wanting me to go to sleep! 

Notice Abby?  Everytime I cry, Abby is right there keeping me safe and trying to get Mom or Dad to make me happy again.  Told you Abby protects me!

See, there's this nasty rumor that I'm best when I'm sleeping. That ain't so! But I am pretty cute, huh!?!
I like TV!  A habit I got from my daddy, I think!

Oooooo! Look behind you - LOOK BEHIND YOU!

Look at me, just chilling out on the couch!  I am getting soooooo big!  I am 3 months old now and there is no stopping me.  Yea, I got this life thing under control.  Told you I'd be good at it, didn't I?

P.S.  Take a look at my hair.  It's curly when I get a bath and it's wet.  Then, man, it just has a mind of it's own when it's dry!  Yea, I'm a real "Wild Man"!  Well, I got wild hair at least!