Meet the one and only Hurricane Abby and her two younger brothers!

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Abby spends her calmer times watching sports!  Anything with a puck or a ball is her favorite; even golf!

Abby is a two year old Jack Russell Terrier.    Abby got her nickname when she was only a pup.  She never, and I mean never, slowed down.  We told people she was a hurricane with speeds of 115 mph and bursts of 130 mph.  When she did slow down, we would say "this is the eye of the hurricane, prepare for the other side to hit!"

There is a reason why her breed is often called Jack Russell Terrors!


Abby LOVES her toys!

Abby is a typical two year old.  She demands constant attention and you'd better find her if she's too qyiet! 

Abby's motto is:  What's mine is mine and what's yours is mine and if it's left unattended for over 10 seconds - IT'S MINE! 

You can forget getting it back once it's in the possession of the hurricane!


"If only I could catch this thing --oooooh I would teach it to run from me!"


Abby loves to chase things; in this case her daddy's remote control cars around the house!  It works off some of that hurricane energy and her daddy enjoys it, too.


Abby loves Christmas!

Abby's getting older now, she's an adventurous 5 year old always in trouble!

Her people can't help but wonder how she knows which day is Christmas, 'cause she's always the first one opening presents Christmas morning!





Abby meets Andy!

Abby is yet another year older and she is ready for the responsibility of helping raise her little brother, Andy.

Abby says "don't you even try to mess with my little brother!  I wouldn't mind making your life miserable today!"


Abby gets another Brother!

Just when Abby gets used to having one little brother, here comes another one.  This one is Daniel.

"Don't you even think about messing with my little brothers!  Ohhhhhh, I get mad even thinking about it!"


Abby loves her pool!

Abby is now an eight year old, but don't tell her 'cause she still thinks she's two.  Along with having two little brothers comes all the playing and teasing Abby can stand.  Isn't it wonderful that her people put in a pool just for Abby!

"Wow"  says Abby, "Somebody loves me!  Look at all this great fun water to play in and it's all mine!"